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The Art of Environmental Activism

The Art of Environmental Activism

Green 'Zine 2 is available for download

The 2nd edition of our green journal, the 'Green 'Zine, is available for download via Apple iTunes / iBooks via this link. A 3rd edition arrives soon, featuring our friends in India - solar gurus Deepak Gadhia & Janak Palta McGilligan.

In this 2nd edition, we focus on the March, 2018 visit of the Greenheart to Nepal, inter-acting with zen monk Maarten Olthof and celebrating the successes of the Vajra Foundation. A visit to the Eco-resort in the Himalayas, several engagements in rural villages with school children and villagers. A great celebration of green school Vajra Academy's 'Tie the Trash' recycling project.

Great pictures, great price. Support our work by purchasing a Green 'Zine and help us create, communicate, celebrate.