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living a clean, green, creative life

living a clean, green, creative life

Maker Valley

College-based maker group in

Drastic Home Plastic

we finally have our plastics process sorta

The Greenheart, Nepal July 2019

July 15 thru Aug 5, Nepal - Tie the Trash, Water is Life, Chitwan sustainability centersolutions...

Gardens of Garbage

We are building a sculpture garden from garbage!solutions...

We are River

An on-going collaboration with innovative river warriors in Nepal and New

Solar Punch, Nepal & India 2015

Solar Punch visited Nepal and India in November 2015…solutions...

Tie the Trash

The students and faculty of Vajra Academy develop a unique aproach to plastic

Solar Trek, Nepal Nov 2013

A look at the ground-breaking Himalayan Solar trek developed by Maarten Olthof!solutions...