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living a clean, green, creative life

living a clean, green, creative life

Drastic Home Plastic

Progress with my process for processing plastic.

Several years ago, as i was talking with our young friends at Nepal’s Vajra Academy about their great plastic recycling / awareness project called ‘Tie the Trash’, it occurred to me that a possible use for the plastic once it was collected, would be as material to run through 3D printers to make objects of use against environmental challenges.

Since the advent of consumer 3D printing, with low-cost 3D printers available everywhere in Hobby shops and toy stores, a unique industry of filament developers has emerged; the ‘ink’ in the printer, extruded, spooled plastic filament is the main ingredient in 3D printing. Sold by the spool, and usually in 1Kg or 2Kg amounts, the 3D filament can be quite expensive over time.

So i was hopeful to use the recycled plastic and turn it into filament. i would then use 3D printing to craft components for different solar cooker types. The big green part of my process here at Create Communicate Celebrate is that i’ve wired our solar photo-voltaics to charge large batteries which are then connected to an inverter and the 3D printer is plugged into it.

thus: i am using solar energy to turn recycled plastic into solar cookers.

- collect and remove plastic waste from streets and rivers
- up-cycle mylar chip and cookie bags to make highly reflective surface for cookers
- use solar-generated electricity to power 3D printer
- create solar cookers, helping diminish need to burn petroleum and wood products for cooking