Sharing innovations and solutions to climate challenges with ART, MUSIC, & MEDIA.

Through projects and performances, we transmit crowd-sourced solutions to help advance the agenda of the United Nation's Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs 2015 - 2030).

Their Sustainable development goal website, with graphics, articles, databases and information presented in 17 sections as shown below, is an incredible resource!
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Each member of Greenheart has adopted a specific SDG. We will work to develop creative content that examines this SDG and share ideas, questions and solutions to move that goal forward.

By matching up the Goals from the grid to the values of our projects, we're able to use established language and data to help communicate on terms all understand. (The SDGs' webpages are rendered in many languages.)

For instance, Tie the Trash could be said to reflect SDG #s 5 'Gender Equality'; 9 'Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure'; 11 'Sustainable Cities and Communities';12 'Responsible Consumption and Production'; 13 'Climate Action'; 15 'Life on Land'; 17 'Partnerships for the Goals.'

In each case, we would then dive into details, answering questions like: 'How does recycling plastic from rivers and streets reflect 'Gender Equality?'

Great question…